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You could try a 2-week diet to see if you can relieve your bloating before starting the candida protocol. Vegetables like bok choy, carrot, celeriac, courgette, cucumber, green beans, parsnip, spinach, sweet potato and turnip should be fine. You want to keep things as simple as possible to find out what you can tolerate. Sticking to olive oil for fat and chicken for protein should allow you to avoid any potential allergens.

Sweet potato, parsnip and carrot contain some carbs which should help the initial transition to low-carb eating. Cutting carbs out completely in one go can make the initial die-off even more horrendous, if not dangerous in some cases. If you get relief after two-weeks, then you can start introducing new foods and removing the starchy vegetables as you shift to the candida protocol.

The diet is basically just a “safe” foods list for IBS and IBD sufferers. I wasted a lot of time by jumping straight in and assuming everything would work out. Asparagus, broccoli, cabbage etc gave me a lot of problems and I was eating them daily. There’s always the potential you’re sensitive to eggs, coconut and other staples on the protocol, so easing into it is a good way to play things safe. It’s a long-term commitment, so it’s best to go about it methodically.