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kjones02;39327 wrote: Yes, it has been a long journey. The lack of not having a colon truly affects me. Actually, I will have to watch my diet the rest of my life, but I am trying to repair it right now, so I do not have as many allergies, and can have a cheat every once in awhile. Plus, I am really not starting to mind a lot of the different foods now. Plus, I find steaming my veggies most the time is easier on me. My stomach is better, and once I heal this leaky gut, I am hoping to gain some weight back. I am trying to ease up the gas, toxins in my bloodstream, and have normal bowel patterns.

B-vitamins, I need to take a complex every morning to start my day as I am low in b12. Plus, I am anemic, so I just started supplementing with lactoferrin. salt levels, sometimes I notice myself getting light-headed, but that has gotten better over the past few months. Last year, I would suck on hard candies and chew gum all the time to keep sugar up. Now, since taking l-glutamine and other things, my levels are more at ease till my next meal.

Tired-yes, I do get tired. Adrenal herbs and b-vitamins do help, and I am ready to feel even 10x more better to start working again. Currently, I work on my craft-work and sell it, which I don’t mind because it takes my mind off of things.

My left side, is seems to be right under my ribcage or at the very bottom. It seems like that is their pressure their, and that I have need to let out gas or air if I am having a bad day, but I can’t. It is like I have to go to the bathroom, but I can’t. That is the thing about no colon, and now since my stomach has sped up with the pacemaker. Really, in all honestly, I am trying to work out these issues and urinary issues, worst habits, (too much info, but it has affecting my sex drive, too!) by taking my supplements and hoping the probiotics will eventually even my out, so then I just supplement with those and get off anti-fungals.

So, I really think that some of my issues are different than some people, but in all reality, this forum has lots of useful information that I did not know about that has helped me, recipes (coconut bread), the molybednum, liver help-starting taking milk thistle. All these other measures that I didn’t know I should be doing, too that has helped. If anyone else has any advice, I appreciate it?

Thomas-maybe you can ask your doctor about people with no colon? How he treats them?

I will ask her if I get a chance. Have they checked your pancrea?