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Julia;39274 wrote: Wow very interesting post…that might be the longest word I ever saw!! lol

I guess I would ask her to check all of us : P

I am sure you will see one infestation at some point. Perhaps she has pictures? What does she do when she finds candida in someone gut? or is that just then passed on the another doc?


Thanks for this post.. I will maybe try to think up some questions.
: )

She kind off wished it off. Like we are used to experience a candida talk with a MD. I understand them in a way. Think about it. You look into the guts of people day in and out and dont see candida and have them talk about candida here and there. But one thing I noticed there are a lot people coming with problems one cant do anything about. You look inside their intestines and all you see is if they are ok or if there is a polyp, cancer, inflammation, or anything. Then you find a very good looking and healthy intestines and think, well I just saw very sick people today, be happy you have healthy intestines and then the person talks how sick he feels. I hear that the doctor says, yes, but your intestines are healthy.

And you know what. I too saw it. They where healty. But the person talks on and on about his symptoms and he sounds like a person from our forum here. Its real strange to see the other side now. It will be real intersting if I will find something in the 3 weeks left.