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Hi Chris,

When I went to my doctor with really painful stomach cramps and constipation I said I wondered if I had candida. I asked if there were any tests I could have. He said no, I just had IBS. I didn’t really expect anything more, but it still really wound me up.
If you’re looking for professional help my advice is to find someone who specialises in the condition and has either suffered it or knows someone who has. I have studied holistic nutrition, but only learnt anything about candida since finding out I have it.

Have you started cutting foods out of your diet yet? If you have, how is your skin looking, have you noticed any improvements?
This will be your best indication for what you need to do; what foods work for you and what you need to avoid.

I don’t see the diet as bad for your immune system at all. Most of the foods we have to cut out are so challenging to our systems, to everyone’s systems. As long as you make sure you are eating enough (of the right foods) with an abundance of vegetables, then this is perfect for your immune system to stop having to battle with inappropriate foods, heal itself and start battling the candida.