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Hello, Chris.

I know that was so frustrating, thinking you are going to get help and then have them to tell you that, basically, you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m afraid it’s very rare to find a regular MD who will treat, or even believe that anyone has Candida (but not impossible). That could be because, for the most part, they have no idea what to do if they admit that Candida may be your problem.

If you really want to consult a doctor about Candida, you’ll probably need to search for an alternative medicine practitioner such as with Naturopathic Medicine. I don’t know about in the UK, but in the states a lot of people find a chiropractic doctor who will listen to them and treat their Candida.

If you decide to do all of this yourself, and intend to dedicate yourself to your treatment and health until you’re better, this is the place to come for help. Let us know when you’re ready to start. Asking questions is a perfect way to learn, and there will always be someone willing to answer you.

By the way, another name for thrush is Candidiasis, so that tells you a lot about the doctor’s knowledge in this field.