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[email protected] wrote: Went to Sprouts as well as a holistic type of health store that was right next to Sprouts. Neither place had the molybdenum or the Swedish Bitters.


Hi Jen,

I see you live in Mission Viejo. Is this in CA? If not, please ignore my post.

If yes, you have Molybdenum in Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa. That’s where I got mine from (well friend purchased it for me and shipped as I don’t live in US at the time). It’s 150mcg but still it will help until you find the stronger one. I don’t recommend doing the treatment without molybdenum, I tried and crashed few times hard. If you get the 150mcg kind, you can take 5 doses spread out throughout the day instead of three and one bottle should tie you over until you get something else. You should probably order next batch online because it’s cheaper even with the shipping. The Mother’s Market in Irvine I don’t remember having that many supplements. The one in Costa Mesa has a whole section of just supplements and cool natural/herbal remedies. I think they used to carry Swedish Bitters as well, but not sure if they were alcohol free or not.

I used to live in Lake Forest/Mission Viejo area for about 10 years and it made me so nostalgic to see Mission Viejo next to your name on the left. Say hello to my beautiful California and Mission Viejo lake!

Good luck with the candida battle!