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My candida overgrowth was partially caused by mold and alcohol abuse. If you have any mold in the bathroom or other places throughout the house, you might want to get it tested.

I had a bathroom that didn’t have a bathroom fan and there was a light amount of mold covering most of the walls in this small room. I didn’t clean it and didn’t think it was much of a problem. It also grew in other places in the apartment in places I couldn’t see very well; in the corners of the room behind appliances, trash bins, etc. Then the landlord told me he just painted over it in the past; so there must’ve been mold sandwiched between the layers of the paint. At that time I figured it be best to move.

I’ve heard horror stories about people buying a “clean new home” and then they had horrible symptoms after moving in. They then opened up some walled over part of the house and it was filled with tons of black mold in some sealed room. They left a note saying “here is your big surprise.” This is just an example and not meant to make you worry.

If you clean the windows and they are black on the rag, this is mold. If you have dust covering many of the surfaces in the house, this could be mold as well. If you feel sick after doing a thorough clean, this could be mold as well.