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I have a feeling Dr. Mcombs has an answer for you somewhere in his radio shows:

I am no candida expert, but there are a few things worth noting. Antibiotics are one of the greatest causes of health problems throughout the world (in my opinion) and do great damage while helping us get over various diseases/colds. Instead of this being prescribed, doctors should prescribe probiotics to help the body heal itself. There really isn’t too many negative consequences of using probiotics.

Antibiotics and the legacy they leave with health problems is reaching an epidemic, and this is one reason you may have candida alone. When antibiotics first came out there were prescribing something 250mg of dosage. Now they are prescribing something like 250,000mg dosage. This is a huge and giant leap. They have to come up with more and more varieties of antibiotics because they are becoming increasingly ineffective. Dr. Mcoombs feels that anyone who has used antibiotics has candida; while this is debateable, I feel that it has some merit.

The spicy food issue you mentioned is a food allergy symptom; this can be caused by candida.

The arthritis sounding symptoms can be partially caused by candida; your body is de-mineralizing its trace minerals to feed/fight the candida. If you experience hair loss on top of these other symptoms, you should take some trace mineral vitamins. Over time, your body will stop demineralizing on the candida diet. These vitamins include potassium, chlorine, molybdenum, sodium, calcium, phospherous, magnesium, and zinc just to name a few:

Listen to some doctor mcoombs and it will reinforce your feelings on the health industry.