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Angel29;30297 wrote: Thank you all for responding.

I’ve been taking CB pills for several months now. I was actually doing quite well going on almost two months without UTI or YI, but due to several social gatherings…I foolishly cheated on my diet on numerous occasions eating all the wrong things. I’m positive this is why I have UTI again.

I was under the impression that you HAD TO take antibiotics to cure UTI, so that’s why I took them. I thought if you didn’t take them you could get a kidney infection and then be in real danger.

Angor, have you really “cured” your UTI just by using CB pills, etc?

Raster, how exactly is baked soda used for UTI?

Thanks again! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without this forum!!

Nope, sorry to say so. I haven’t cured it. Just managed it. But, man, I wouldn’t dare take antibiotics at this point. 7 months in to the diet it would feel like all my efforts is being thrown out the window. Tricky situation. So I totally get your reasoning. Baking soda makes your body alkaline, bacteria don’t like an overly alkaline body. (am I correct, raster?)

Wish I could give a good tip on how to get rid of the UTI. But I can’t even cure my own, so … 🙂 but as long as I have it under control I’ll try to bear it.