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when you suggest backing off of my antifungals, that scares me because I don’t want to not be killing off the yeast.

Jojilla, are you following the strict forum diet? If you are, then you are killing the Candida every day with or without antifungals. Plus, last week you were taking 3 teaspoons of coconut oil a day and cooking with it; if you’re still taking that amount or more then it’s also killing the Candida.

How do you know that it is caused by yeast die-off and not reaction to certain foods?

Mainly because you said it started when you started the treatment, and the Candida started dying at that time, and flatulence is a symptom of die-off. Do you have leaky gut syndrome and are you eating a lot of foods that you weren’t eating before starting the treatment? If so, you can test them by removing one food item at a time for at least three days. If the symptoms lessen or disappear during that time, then that food is probably causing the problem. But the timing of it starting when you begin killing Candida by the millions every day is a big coincidence.

I would also check your supplements as Shay suggested.