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AnthonyD1083;46220 wrote: my diet consists of:
fried onions and peppers in coconut oil
shrimp and fish
almonds pecans walnuts pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds
bottled lemon and lime for my water
stevia…liquid which says use 5 drops I need 10 to 15 drops to even taste the sweetness
yogurt with 2 or 5 grams of sugar…mixed with stevia
I cook mostly everything in coconut oil
I try to put garlic oregano pepper and olive oil on everything for taste.

I take garlic pills
peppermint pills
milk thistle
and vitamin c

As far as I know:
Most of this diet is good.
Shrimps can contain mercury since they are bottom feeder fish. Also try to eat more fish than chicken.
Also be careful with nuts, since they can contain mold (see the forum).
Stevia is a good replacement for sugar. Try to avoid ALL sugar. So, don’t add sugar to your yoghurt.

Try to take some pre-and probiotics, like vegetables and kefir.