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Thanks smitty I read the protocol and it has some good tips!!

Thanks Thechosenone…the only things I consume with sugar is some almond butter that has 3 grams I could not find one with less and the yogurt with 2 grams or 5 grams pending on which I can get at the time…all other sugars have been eliminated. I stay under 20 grams of sugar a day.

MadEmx… WOW see someone out there like me!!! The enemas have worked great I do recommend them because from what I read the candida grows all through your intestines and we need to get them out. I would recommend all 3 enemas. ACV one will go up there and kill a lot of candida. I did the two ACV ones a week apart then a week later I did the coffee and then 2 days later I did the yogurt one.

Do one flush enema before each one with just filtered water…I used the filtered fridge water because my filer is $50 to replace so I know its a good filter…and I googled it to make sure it takes out chlorine. I did two tablespoons of organic ACV to one quart water and warmed it on the stove. I did that twice and saw the most results. Then I read up on coffee enemas and they say that is the only enema to penetrate the I had to try it and that’s when all the white dots came out. Then I thought I have to get some good bacteria in there so I did the yogurt one and that one I was able to hold the longest…they say 15 minutes but I could only last 10min tops on each one. That one I just felt absolutely amazing after not to much stuff came out but it was hard to see through all the white yogurt.

Good luck!!! I am glad I came on here to share my story…I have been reading it the whole time to get tips. This is a great forum and I am glad it exists.