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Fungal strips don’t crawl around in a persons ass.

This is a parasite out break and it needs treatment and they CAN be killed. We are not talking about parasite that live in us with little to no destruction that go unnoticed (if thats what you are calling normal). We are talking about someone who needs some help to kill off a very real very troublesome parasite infestation that is obviously out of control and definitely out of the “normal”. This type of infestation is huge and will be taking HUGE amounts of nutrients out of the system. Not good…and not normal.

There are too many people in this world who try to bring us down and make us feel crazy like we don’t know what “sick” feels like. I am disappointed to see it here on this forum. Support goes a long way. I would recommend suggesting rather then crushing hope that really does exist.

I sent you a PM with a wonderful, easy, very affordable way to treat yourself. I have done it with 100% success and believe you can too. It is NOT normal and don’t let anyone ever tell you you have to live with things crawling around in your ass. It is an awful feeling.
However you will have relief soon.
: )