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Thank you NorwayDude and lolcandida for your responses.

As far as the protein goes I also make baked goods with coconut flours, use a lot of high protein seeds like flax, chia and hemp and every other day I eat meats like chicken and every now and then beef (all meats are from our neighbour’s or from our own farm, hormone and antibiotic free). Eggs are a consistent protein in my diet, farm fresh from my own chickens.

I don’t know what to say my typical diet is like, but it involves eggs in the morning with eggplant or coconut flour crackers, chicken or mixed veggies at lunch, and more vegetables at dinner. I mix in protein smoothies with coconut milk and mixed seeds or coconut yogurt with mixed seeds. I have tested all of these foods and none of them irritate me or exacerbate my symptoms.

I am following those guidelines without some of the supplements since I have adverse reactions to most, however with my stomach being super sensitive from Celiac I haven’t eaten grains in over a year (been on the ACD for over 2 months now). I tried introducing in oatmeal but my belly got so bloated, it swelled up to the size of a pregnant belly. Thank you for the tips, I’ll see what else I might be able to introduce. I am already using regularly: aloe, magnesium citrate, liquid multi, raw adrenal, B-Complex, chlorella, electrolyte hydrator with added vitamin C, bitters tincture for my liver and colon support. I also integrate a lot of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon into my diet along with herbs like peppermint, oregano, cayenne, cloves etc.

I’ve recently consulted a naturopathic doctor in my area and am waiting for test results for Lyme which was sent down to the States.(I am in Canada and I would have better results in getting efficient testing if I were a dog). I am having severe neurological symptoms which seem to be more than what just Candida would cause. Candida and Lyme do to go hand in hand, and I know I do have Candida, just need to make sure I have an appropriate diagnosis.