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Oh you poor thing! I’ve been where you are many many many times (with previous diets)

I did the candida diet for about 8 weeks in July, got excellent results, then thought I can handle anything, ate some chocolate, then bread, then went back to my old ways and after a few months… all my symptoms returned 🙁

This time around I have accepted that, although I don’t plan to stay on the strict diet forever, I can’t eat any of my favourites (CHOCOLATE) anymore and I am in fact allergic to them 🙁 sugar is so addictive, for me its like smoking, i can’t just have one puff (or bite in the case of sugar), I end up addicted. (in fact i found giving up cigarettes easier than I ever have with sugar!!)

I’m not sure exactly if I have a candida infestation, I’m doing this diet for psoriasis, which apparently can be really helped by anti candida diets. It definitely helped me last time, and already at the end of week 2 my skin is looking better. What keeps me going and stops me from eating (and I have 2 young boys so trust me, temptation is around all the time!) is the discomfort of psoriasis and the embarrassment physically, i remind myself how awful it feels, and that no tasty treat is worth feeling like shite all the time! And also the thought of going back to square one with the detox and die off is enough to keep me on track!

If I was you I would ask hubby to hide any treats like the chocolate biscuits away from you. Good luck!