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ants;49894 wrote: Thanks guys. Could you please confirm I’m good with the hemp protein?

I’m looking to have 3 scoops a day which = 42g of protein and 21g of carbs.

When you say fresh salmon, does that mean i have to buy it from the fishmonger? Not sure what other good vegetables I can have, broccoli?

Are avocados okay? Got a MASSIVE tub of coconut oil today 🙂

What kind of carbs? If it is fiber, I think it will be fine. Shelled hemp seeds normally contain ~1/10 carbs (almost all fiber) and ~1/3 protein. You can eat as much as you want from it (or at least the shelled hemp seeds).
Fresh doesn’t mean that you have to catch the fish yourself. It means that it has to be stored in a natural way (concerning the conservatives). Almost all vegetables are allowed. For a list, see here. Broccoli is an excellent choice.

ants;49896 wrote: Also, do these look okay guys?