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ants;49796 wrote: So I’m looking to go on the candida diet for a total of 6 weeks but here is the thing…

So, you’re gonna do this diet for 6 weeks and then what? Go back to your old habits?
This will not work. You have to continue with the diet and build things up.

ants;49796 wrote: I’ve just joined a gym and started putting on muscle mass. Could you please let me know a good carb I cab eat? I’ve heard even brown rice is out of the equation, how about buckwheat? Please note I avoid Gluten!

I really need as many carbs as I can get. Please please suggest one carb, I don’t care about the taste! Just need it for 6 weeks.

You won’t have energy to go to the gym. Even going to the shop is a challenge in the beginning of the diet. Have you done this diet before?
Going to the gym is not really a good idea for the first few weeks.
After week five, I was able to go to the gym. Now, I’m on week 10 and I’m able to go to the gym twice a week.

You don’t need much carbs to put on muscle mass. I’m sure you can live with only veggies and proteins.
Carbs you can try are coconut flour, oat bran and buckwheat. But you should only start eating them after week two on the diet. Try them one by one, just a few bites in the beginning and build it up.