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Beat Candida;47997 wrote: I started my diet over 2 months ago & fine tuned it to almost Ables diet (With all the food intolerance , I have not quit Chicken & Fish (I take either of them 6 out of 7 days a week).
The rest is all good food (Whatever I can take).

For Supplements that I am taking.

Nac with Molybednum twice a day.
MIlk Thistle twice a day.
Vitamin C in Powder form 3 times a day (3g).
A super Vitamin B compound once a day, then another 600mcg of Biotin afterwards.
Maria’s swedish Bitters 3 times a day.
Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc 3 times a day.
Have not started vitamin A, D & E yet. (Just scared of using too many supplements).

Molybednum Amino Acid Chelate was so hard to get in Canada. All the links did not work as those websites refused to ship them here.

In the end I found it at the Vitamin Shoppe for very cheap (under 7 Bucks) but am paying $35 for shopping. Lets hope that it will help me.

I know you already ordered it and this stuff is expensive and a pain to get but if you need to buy some in the future. Needs is a little cheaper
Subtotal: $14.20 (This is for 2 bottles)
Shipping Total: $23.00
Tax Total: $0.00
Grand Total: $37.20

Your digestion issues probably are coming from the level of die off you are having. So I would cut back on the antifungals for now as others have said and get a good digestive enzyme to aid in your digestion.

If you have a lot of die off, your body is going to work overtime to get those toxins out through any means it can and for most that is diarrhoea.