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KellyDyer;29370 wrote: I have been on the strict diet for over a month and last week went out and broke my diet by having a whiskey and soda, and then another, and then another 🙁 It was just so good to ‘lose control’ with my diet and to let my hair down, join in and have fun – the candida diet limits this! I am not even someone who drinks regularly so this was unusual for me and a sign that I am finding the diet quite restrictive. Anyway, I have felt tweeky since and was wondering if I have done serious damage and put myself right back at the beginning again in terms of getting well?

In the last few days I have also tried having a bit of cows milk in my chicory and also added some to a quinoa loaf I baked. Since I have had a really upset stomach. Could this indicate that I am lactose intolerant and that is what is causing my candida on a ‘normal’ diet?

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help. I am finding this very lonely and difficult. I have been battling with vaginal thrush for over three years now. It was a large contributing factor to the end of a four year relationship :(I have finally committed myself to doing the diet properly until I am well . . . but then I drank 🙁 I won’t be doing that again.
Thanks, Kelly

It sounds very much like you haven’t made the decision to get serious about treating your Candida overgrowth, and you can trust that you won’t see any real progress until you make this decision and follow through with it.
Leave the whisky and soda alone, and cut out the cow’s milk as well as quinoa. You can replace quinoa with Bob’s Red Meal Oat Bran or Bob’s coconut flour, or mix them both together in your bread recipe.