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Quote: can you eat tuna on this. why not oatmeal?

Reply: Hold off on the tuna for at least two weeks, then eat it only once a week or less. Oatmeal is a grain, all grains feed Candida. Oat bran is formed from oat groats when they’re passed through rollers to flatten them; the oat bran is then separated from the flour, and it doesn’t include the ‘grain’ part of the oat.

Quote: i guess i just need to know i can eat like a normal person one day. as far as chili, i dont plan to be vegetarian, i like meat.

Reply: Don’t we all. Red meat and pork are definitely bad for your treatment of the infestation. A byproduct of animal protein metabolism is ammonia which is toxic to the body, and it creates an added workload for the liver which is already overworked by the Candida toxins which include additional ammonia. What I mean by this is that Candida albicans create ammonia gases on their own which is environmentally beneficial for the Candida. In other words, ammonia has a positive effect to the environment as far as making it more hospitable for Candida albicans to thieve. Every time you eat meat products, you create this ammonia which poisons your liver and body in general. The higher the protein content, the more ammonia is created.
Because of their protein, eggs are not nearly as bad, so I would try to eat organic eggs as often as possible and fish or fowl a few times a week. I would leave any types of beef alone for at least two months of the diet and pork indefinitely.

Quote: how can i find out how sever my candidia is? i did the water test and wanted to throw up when i saw it.

Reply: Without medical tests, I imagine the best way is to compare your symptoms and problems to those of others who have the infestation. How long have you had the infestation and what are your symptoms?

Quote: how do i know how long i need to do the strict diet?

Reply: This is something that no one can tell you (I’m saying no one can, not even a doctor). It all depends on how long you’ve had it, how severe it is, and how you conduct your treatment.

Quote: can candidia make your urine stink like bread?

Reply: An overgrowth of Candida albicans in your system can produce a ‘yeasty’ odor to your urine. This is no doubt what you are detecting.

Quote: the other thing is can candidia mimick diabetes?

Reply: I posted a reply to this in your other post.