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dvjorge;30458 wrote:

What candida immune complexes test did you get ??
Can you post the results, please.
I want to be sure you get the right test.


It was by Immunosciences in 2001. The range is 0-50 and my result was 30. And also by AAL laboratories. Normal range is 0.-.9 and I was .8.

I really don’t think you have CRC if those results are referring to Imunecomplexes. I asked you because the test has been changed at least two times since I am aware of it. Now, Genova Lab includes a candida antibody panel IGG, IGM, IGA, plus the complexes.
The most important part of the test is the antigen/antibody binding in blood. This is what really determines if you have an intestinal fungal overgrowth.


I am afraid you are right = I don’t think it is candida.
Do you know if the candida immune complexes test covers all speciies of candida (do they all have mannan) or just albicans.

I did a camera pill endoscopy last week to look at the entire small intestine and was expecting to see thrush like patches if I had it and there were none.

I suspect aerobic bacteria now. I did the hydrogen and methane breath tests and they were negative and I have learned hydrogen and methane are a product of anaerobic metabolism.

I’m back to square one now with researching aerobic bacteria. This is beyond frustrating. My
case seems to be so different from everyone elses.