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LRHG wrote: I think so too and I’m also working on adrenals/thyroid/oxidative stress. As well as looking into RBC potassium.

I did an experiment in the summer and took 50mcg T3 hormone. Nothing else was working for me – strict diet, antifungals, biofilm protocals and more.
That 50mcg T3 did more for me than anything else I had ever tried in 12 years. Popping a 50mcg T3 though isn’t the right way to address it so I’ve stepped back and joined a couple of thyroid groups, ordered Paul Robinson’s book and had a consult with Janie, owner of the STTM site. I also ordered teh cortisol saliva test.

That first link you shared said you are not supposed to take iron with calcium which I have been doing. So I’ll correct that.

What about you ? How are you addressing the iron/adrenal/thyroid ?

I do have very low ferritin which in itself can make one very ill. And when you pay attention to the boards, you will see it’s very common.

Perhaps, low ferritin is part of the chain reaction….tail chasing, low ferritin, hypothyroidism and candida???

low iron/ferritin and hypothyroidism

anemia and candida

There are reasons why adrenal/thyroid keep popping up in perhaps being a major cause of candida issues.

You have mentioned Biofilm protocols several times. I am curious why are you followed them.
Do you have bacterial overgrowth or any other resistant bacteria ??

The biofilm protocols I am aware of disrupts bacterial biofilm matrix, no candida albicans biofilm.
Bacterial biofilm matrix is composed of mostly Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium.

This isn’t the case of Candida Albicans that the matrix is mostly glucose.

The invented web protocols to disrupt biofilms may work in the case of bacteria, but no in the case of candida.