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Who told you that carbs causes high LDL?
Low-density lipoprotein is a protein that carries cholesterol, it’s not cholesterol itself.
LDL carries a various amount of fat molecules into artery walls. HDL a protein that does the exact opposite.
If you are high in HDL, it doesn’t really matter if you are high in LDL. Did you check this too? It’s the balance between these two that is important.
LDL is not bad per se. It’s only bad if it’s way too high. (The qualification for being high on LDL has been lowered the past centuries.)
In any case DO NOT use statin drugs, something that a doctor might prescribe. Just google around a bit and you will know why. (It blocks the production of the Q10 enzyme.)
The best way to maintain your cholesterol is to eat a lot of vegetable oil. Especially extra virgin coconut oil is very good to balance HDL/LDL.
I also hear that oat meal also decreases the LDL.