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Able900 wrote:

LOL you are funny. Whats to help? Do the diet or dont.
cheers Thomas

LOL Thomas. How are you my friend?

Hi Able!
thank you for asking. I am doing fine. But it is very difficult what is going on and why I am better. I will try for the benefit of us to understand.

You remember all my terrible symptoms. I was sure to have Candida which never was tested but ALL the symptoms where there. I progressed to the point loosing over 30 kg and my nervous-system broke down. I had in the end continuously stressed out muscle vibrations in my entire body. Like someone putting me on a electric wire. I started to develop insomnia and depression. That was a situation I never had in my 49 years.

I learned that this was NOT do to lack of sugar for the brain, this was not blood pressure problems. I thought first that the diet had negative effects on my brain because of lack of sugar. But it was not like that. I tested the sugar many times. Brain fog was not a blood pressure issue. I used our system to check my heart, UT track. They put a camera into my bladder, stool test. So, the MD said it is in the head because he could not find anything. I stopped with the diet and I found improvement in my health. This really confused me. How was it possible for me to feel better by eating worse. I even started to eat junk food. I thought what the heck if I anyhow feel shit and feel like dying I rather eat what I can and had even beer and a brandy at one day.

The next day I felt even better. Wired. I looked away from Candida and more into the direction of IBS. I found out that there are different forms of IBS. All the sympthoms of IBS are the same as for Candida. And all the friends here who are not helped after some month really should have a look into a book I bought: Called IBS from Professor John Hunter. The IBS type I had didnt agree with a lot of fiber and made my sympthoms worse. I had overflow and malnutrition IBS. For example I tested some food like a annanas and it came out as stool already after 4 hours.

I noticed than that in the time of fight in my body my brain-guts connections developed a negative anxiety and panic attack patter. This IBS is known for too and it needed to be addressed. If you for example only have stomach pressure and I too, you only would shrug it off while I got now a panic attack or depression from it.
This had nothing to do any-more with me, it was my body going on automatic freaking out when the body had a slide reaction.

Its much like a phobia for dogs. If you where bitten as a child from a dog you are able to experience fear and stress today even meeting a friendly dog. This happend with me and I addressed that issue with a EFT Program against Post traumatic Stress
I bought a book about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) from Gary Craig. But the same books are free online. This helped a hell of a lot to anti-stress myself and calm the nervous system.

I eat everything, have sometimes symptoms and what I see they are mostly coming from my psyche stressing out the body, and the body releasing stress hormones and shit which gives me a terrible time. When I notice that I go into meditation and do EFT and everything calms down. I feel today 85 percent good and in my mind 95.

Lots of my problems have to do with a control personality I noticed and fear for life. It came up now when I am 50. I was terrible beaten a abused as a child and it surfaced now in the body. After I addressed my issues with EFT I feel the healing.

If I ever had Candida it got killed in the first month but why I didnt feel better had to do with internal fears and IBS and stuff. I noticed that we as humans are very complex beings and the body is not like a car. We can have multiple issues. But as long as we are open and look honestly we will get the answer.

The body and the mind wants to be in balance and is showing us how but we have to listen to it and not fight it. That was my lesson after nearly 1.5 years of fighting.

all the best