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laurena wrote: i AM SO DEPRESSED ABOUT WAKING UP TO EAT ONLY VEGETABLES AND CHICKEN OR MEAT..SO SICK OF NO DAIRY, NUTS OR GLUTEN FREE BREADS..every anti candida diet reads differently too..some allow plain yogurt/kefir and almonds/walnuts/sunflowers seeds..some say not dairy/nuts at all! HELP!

Then stop the diet and be depressed about having candida symptoms that will never get better if you continue to feed it sugar and gluten. Every diet is usually a little different because certain people react to test items while others do fine on them. I for one cant tolerate any nuts or yogurt. Personally I think yogurt can be detrimental due to the lactose. I cant imagine any probiotics in yogurt could be any stronger than what you could supplement with.

How long have you been on the diet? Have you ever heard of a cheat meal once a week or two? It wont kill you if you stay on track with anti-fungals and get right back on.

So I guess its your choice, you can either be depressed about eating healthy foods that will help you body get rid of this infection or you can continue to feed the candida and make it worse.

I love when I come on here and see the typical post “Day 3 and feeling worse, this diet is not working.”. Thats because you have been feeding your body sugar and junk for your entire life and you are detoxing from eating healthy. I know its hard to see because things get worse for awhile but you have to hang in there.