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laurena wrote: i AM SO DEPRESSED ABOUT WAKING UP TO EAT ONLY VEGETABLES AND CHICKEN OR MEAT..SO SICK OF NO DAIRY, NUTS OR GLUTEN FREE BREADS..every anti candida diet reads differently too..some allow plain yogurt/kefir and almonds/walnuts/sunflowers seeds..some say not dairy/nuts at all! HELP!

You have to understand that you eating for a purpose now. Not to just stuff your face. Once I understood food and it’s purpose the diet has been easy. I’m willing to stick to this diet for a while. You have to prepare yourself to do this for the long haul. I personally decided to give up chicken and only eat sardines 3 times a week and eggs everyday. I eat veggies 2 meals a day and the other meal I eat buckwheat or oatbran. I also juice every morning. You got think about the reason for doing this. I have a trillion opportunities to cheat. My apartment is filled with cheat foods and I see junk on my dining table everyday all day but it doesn’t phase me one bit. Get focused.