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laurena wrote: i AM SO DEPRESSED ABOUT WAKING UP TO EAT ONLY VEGETABLES AND CHICKEN OR MEAT..SO SICK OF NO DAIRY, NUTS OR GLUTEN FREE BREADS..every anti candida diet reads differently too..some allow plain yogurt/kefir and almonds/walnuts/sunflowers seeds..some say not dairy/nuts at all! HELP!

I think of how good I feel instead of what I am missing out on, because technically I am gaining more (better health) than I am losing through this strict diet.

I was confused by the various diets also. I wanted to pick the best one because this is my life I’m messing with. I decided the strictest diet would get me well quicker so here I am.

I hope the desire to be well wins out in your battle. I’m going for a glass of water to wash down this Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate that’s stuck in my throat. I’ll drink to our health! 😉