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Hello, Jackie, wecome to the forum.

Quote: “I’m wondering if my thrush is the same as this Candida and if it will be with me forever…or is this different.”

Reply: It is Candida, and no, it doesn’t have to be with you ‘forever’ – but whether it is or not will be up to you, not the doctors.

Quote: “Should I be on this diet as well…please help. I’m lost and doctor just said I would feel better by Thanksgiving?

Reply: Since Thanksgiving is now just days away, there’s not a huge chance that you will be a lot better by then, but possibly the oral thrush can at least be improved by then if you’re willing to try.

Quote: “I appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me. My thoughts are this is what it may have been all along…and she gave me those pills and set me into a tail spin.”

Reply: You’re right, the antibiotics put the icing on the cake, so to speak. First thing is to get you on 100% on the diet. Go by the ‘allowed foods’ list to plan each of your meals and snacks. If you eat foods that are not on the list, be aware that you are feeding the Candida and they will multiply therefore making your symptoms only more severe.

For the thrush in your mouth, you should be following the instructions on this post. This will help the thrush to heal more than anything else you can do.

Let us know if you have questions.