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robinkatherine;49901 wrote: I just started taking a spoonful of coconut oil five or six days ago. First and second day okay except gagged a tiny bit. I just figured that was my own aversion to taking the straight oil. Third day I got sick like a slight flu (still not sure if it wasn’t flu), next day I felt better but after breakfast I felt nauseated after I had had a spoonful of EVCO. Today I forgot to take the EVCO until evening and then when I did I got quite nauseated after feeling great all day. Took some milk thistle and molybdenum and feel better now. I’m wondering if I am having die off or just my body can’t take the straight EVCO. (I’ve sautéed with it for a couple of years.) Does anybody know?

You said flu like symptoms. What were they? Cause generally that is die off almost always. I start evco two days ago and I’m having a mild to moderate sore throat and eAr pressure along with a nauseated feeling that passes after a an hour or so if I take too much at once

I’m attributing all of thag to die off.