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Right now you are doing a fast lol which is a good thing… but yes you are allowed to eat, eat lightly steamed veggies, or raw if you chew it really well..

califlower, broccoli, celery, asparagus, green beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cucumber, advocados, lettuce are good choices to eat. Almonds, sunflower seed and pumpkin seeds you can eat for protein. You are supposed to stick to veggies for the 14 day cleanse, then you can introduce some meats if it goes well.

They dont mention this on the website, but i have found strawberries to be one of the best weapons against candida… make sure you eat it on an empty stomach… like now is a good time that you havent eaten for a while. The lactic acid will break down fungus and toxins and shoot them out of your body. I find i get good results from 5-10 fresh strawberries. Make sure you eat it in small bites so your saliva can break it down. Also, the vitamin C will power up your liver. Strawberries give me killer die off too, and the good thing is the fungus doesnt become immune to it like it does with antifungals. The more die off you have the more fungus is dying off which is a good thing.

Whatever you do, dont eat fruit unless you are sure your stomach is empty, fruits digest much faster than other foods and it will get stuck in your stomach and make your candida worse if your stomach is busy digesting something already.