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420biker wrote: They dont mention this on the website, but i have found strawberries to be one of the best weapons against candida… make sure you eat it on an empty stomach… like now is a good time that you havent eaten for a while. The lactic acid will break down fungus and toxins and shoot them out of your body. I find i get good results from 5-10 fresh strawberries.

Strawberries contain fructose, glucose and sucrose, all sugars in case you’re not aware. So you’re basically keeping the Candida thriving with a few hefty meals a day. Way to go.
Several people on the forum have eaten strawberries or other berries only to cause their mouth thrush to grow worse, others, including myself, tried them and experienced stronger Candida symptoms, but never has anyone mentioned die-off from eating strawberries.

How long have you had your infestation?