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Print out some research and get her to understand you have a real disease. She’s likely never heard of it and you getting info off of the web makes it hard to understand. My family has a hard time. With any other illness they would constantly want to know how I was doing. But with this, it’s the exact opposite. All they saw was me getting skinny and eating salads and being a pain in the ass with food when I would visit. Even after a year of my talking about it – they are visiting and my Dad sees me taking my Nystatin and has asked me several times what I’m taking – and I told him the first time. And an MD doctor prescribed it and diagnosed me. A neighbor of theirs had leaky gut and followed a diet I had suggested, and got better, so finally they are starting to understand. but my Mom, who has numerous autoimmune conditions, sinus problems etc – and clearly has a leaky gut from gobs of antibiotics – refuses to give up wheat and milk – and goes to doctors constantly, but of course they are all regular MD’s and never mention candida. Even her osteopath who supposedly likes to treat things naturally, never brought it up. All she did was suggest Quercetin. Of course she’s been getting worse for like 10+ years, with 0 progress, but she still refuses to take my advice and get a candida test.


Depending on your Mom’s personality – one idea – you might need to go slow and find one thing at a time you can bring to your mother’s attention. When she questions you, be ready with something you’ve printed out, or can show her in a book from a real MD. Do some research on diet and true healthy eating – not what advertising says is healthy. Like the paleo diet – what our ancestors millions of years ago vs how we eat today. Or good oils like olive oil vs bad oils like soy or corn. Or about good bacteria and it’s role in the body – most everyone now knows about probiotics. Maybe grow some kefir in your kitchen.

There’s a ton of research on the web and youtube videos from doctors. In fact, I hurt myself the other day, and was viewing a rehab video on youtube, and the first thing the sports medicine doc talks about is how it’s important to eat only grassfed meat – so as to prevent inflammation (Omega 3 vs Omega 6 from non-grassfed). I bet your Mom’s never heard of grassfed meat. Most people have no clue about the harm food could be doing to them. Maybe it would be a good time to let her know you are worried about her obesity and her health. I’m sure her bones must hurt if she’s that big.

Good luck and hang in there. I’m 6’1 and am 140 lbs. It’s very tough to keep weight on without sugar.