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absgail wrote: Yea, i drank psyllium husk but we have no bentonite in our place so i mixed psyllium with water and drink it 3 times a day.. ill just give myself 3 days break i have to bcoz its exam days, i feel so weak, but ill get back soon. ill motivate myself, should i do detox again?? im confused btw, im not taking probiotics yet. i want to take anti-fungals first and then wheatgrass + probiotics. is it okay for the diet?? and 1 more thing, i got constipated, is it okay to drink laxative made of senna fruits and leaves?? i found it with no sugar at all

Dear Absgail,

First of all let me start by asking you to not be too hard on yourself, the journey you have started is certainly not an easy one. In fact it is very hard to not eat at all, all day. I know how hard it can be. I too didnt manage to stay completely away, I ate organic goat yogurt with no added sugars of any type and almonds.

On the site you will see that there are three cleansing options, you can choose anyone of them, they are all effective, i suppose the first gives more benefits faster, however if you feel that it is too much, do what is comfortable for you. I must caution you, this endeavour is ideally something you need to adopt for a very long time. Its hard but its worth it.

So, i choose option 2 without the enema, I ordered calcium bentonite clay from the internet and also the psyllium husk. If you do choose to follow this option you must drink plenty of water and I mean plenty of water. Possible distilled if not filtered so that you wont be drinking any chemicals. The liver flush is also important, however if you find that concoction too powerful, you may try one that Able wrote on another post with lemon and some other ingredients. Look it up if you dont find it, I will look for it. So the most important thing to do during the cleanse is to listen to your body, that is if you do get very hungry try to go for foods that are anti candida foods and eat sparingly because you wont know what sort of reaction you might have. You can find a list of the anticandida foods on this site

The bentonite clay is great because it becomes like a sponge in your intestines dragging loads of bad things with it. It acts like a magnet, its inert, that means your body wont absorb it, it absorbs and then is excreted with your stool. Its only draw back is that it may constipate you, thats why its good to take it with the psyllium husk because that is a fiber and will help you eliminate besides that it gives you a feeling of fullness.

In answer to your question, should I do the detox again, sorry this is going to hurt, ideally I would, you would be amazed what can come out of you. I know its hard but the benefits are great, if you keep your goal in mind, im sure you will be ok. Its not ideal to take antifungals or probiotics, during the cleanse, one because you will already be starting to have die off, that is you would have already started to starve it and it will start dying, secondly because during a cleanse you risk getting big die off if you take antifungals or probiotics, the side effects are not pleasant, nausea, constipation, dizziness just to mention a few. I would start the antifungals in the second or the third week of the first stage of the diet, just to make sure you get die off nice and slowly. Whilst i did the cleanse, i did get constipated so what i did was to ease off the bentonite and took the psyllium husk. As i said listen to your body and ask questions here in the forum. I was tempted to take the senna leaves, however they can cause diarrhea and im not sure if thats really good.

So thats all from my end, i hope this was helpful, good luck and go ahead give it a go. Im on the 5th week of the diet, still in the first stage and the benefits are priceless. I did slip and slide a couple of times but I tried again and wont up up,my well being is far too important.

Please keep us posted