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JaneneBean wrote:

Able, you say this protocol works. But you’re the only one I’ve heard that says you’re better and have been for quite some time. Who else has it worked for? How can I genuinely BELIEVE it will work for ME? Everything I have tried only works for a few weeks, then it’s back to square one.

🙁 Janene

First off, big hugs! We’ve ALL been in the state of feeling discouraged and frustrated!

Able has put together what has worked for his unique body specifically, but I think this protocol is based on lots of research and lots of logic and great understanding of this beast candida.

I began this journey with the Body Ecology Diet, and I found this forum about 6 weeks in. I have adapted my diet to meet my specific needs with information found here in the forum and on Able and Raster’s protocol. Remember, all of our bodies are unique! They will detox and heal differently, but the protocol is great point to start because it is SO basic!

I am happy to say that I am almost symptom free, by the grace of God, after 13 full weeks on the diet. The IBS I’d suffered with for six months is completely gone. My brain fog is gone. Tingling and numbness gone. Sinuses almost completely drained and ears almost completely unclogged {darn seasonal allergies, I think!} Plus, my anxiety is so much lower! I am so thankful for the resources here on this forum plus the Body Ecology book and my mentor who herself beat this with just Body Ecology.

Hang in there! It gets worse before it gets better. But it DOES get better!