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Linda Rebber
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JaneneBean, I can relate to how you feel. I have tried so hard and it seems like I go back to being sick. Sometimes, I feel good in the morning and I get so excited. It’s like I forget that I was sick. Then I’ll start feeling bad in the evening. If you saw how many supplements I’ve bought you’d laugh. I’ve been to ALL kinds of practitioners, with many different diagnoses. Last year, alone I spent $5100. out of pocket and I have two insurances. I worked as an RN for 35 years and have not been able to work for the last 10 years.

I went to an internal medicine doctor a year ago, she sent me to a nutritionist, who diagnosed me with candida. She told me to go carb free, and told me to take about 5 types of antifungals, all at once. I experience horrific die off. Then she told me to ask the doctor for Nystatin. The doctor refused and said she did not believe in “candida”, nor did she believe diet had anything to do with it. The nutritionist said to go to another doctor in the same officer and she would give me Nystatin. I went back and she refused to give it to me. They told me to go to a naturalpath, which is not included in my insurance and the first visit was $500. and so on.

In my opinion, this site has better advice and information than anywhere I’ve been. I’m still struggling, I feel good one hour and bad the next. I’m going to really try sticking with the diet and progress very slowly to avoid die off.

I feel for you and hope you feel better soon. Just wondering if coconut oil would help for your rectal itch. Just a thought. I’m new and still learning.