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Jackie2 wrote:

I have had my diagreements with able but one thing I am certain of is that he has a good diet. The problem is folks don’t follow it. They half ass it or make excuses to break from it. I’m one of them. Able and others are here to help and they are not asking anything in return. you have to want it and at least Make a Half ass effort to read the forums more so you can understand why it’s important to follow the protocol. If your not committed it’s not able’s fault nor the protocol it’s yours. Usually when questioned there is a reason the diet isn’t working. Die offs can make I seem like it’s getting worse before it gets better.

If your that miserable and can’t handle the diet go see a doctor. Most have little faith doctors will help you cure candida but at least they may give you short term relief which it seems is exactly what you want or need.

I have gone to many doctors, and had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic..had to wait until mother in law gets out of hospital. All Doctors said that this was in my head..not a real illness etc. It will go away in time. They went through 6-7 doctors since no one would see me. I’m not sure what they would do for me. But I’m starting to believe that Able has the cure and I was not being strong enough. I truly believe that is the ticket. Stay strong. Come here for support. We all seem to slip up and get back on track.

Best of luck.

Wow I know not to move to michigan. Never met a doctor that would refuse to see me. I understand some doctors if not most will not accept candida as the issue but All the ones I have seen would prescribe some cream or something to aliviate some of the symptoms that JaneneBean has shared with us.

I agree that Able is onto something that is very effective but it does take the person needing treatment the will to follow it. I hope JaneneBean sticks with it but a person should not be afraid to see their doctor for anything. They might not hear what they want or get the treatment they need but doctors do have the ability to heal.