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JaneneBean wrote:

Sorry, I should elaborate a bit more. Every other day I see someone come onto this forum saying its not working etc so I want to be sure I can give you the right advise and help you onto a recovery.

Let me just tell you what I’ve been doing and eating so you will have some info to go off of.

Every morning I eat two eggs, and two links of sausage. I drink ONLY lemon water with stevia and Teeccino with stevia and half and half. For lunch or dinner I eat veggies (mostly cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus) and have some chicken breast. I also eat chicken on a large salad. I have been eating a little tomato, not much. I put cucumber on my salads. For a dressing I have a measured tablespoon of home made Ranch dressing mixed with plain yogurt, never any more than that and I only eat that Ranch maybe 3 times a week, adding up to 3 tablespoons per week.
I was eating peanuts regularly but I cut them out. Now when I want a nut, I just get some pumpkin seeds as I’ve heard they are okay on the diet.
I drink at least 64 oz. of lemon water a day, usually more.

The supplements I’m taking are:
B complex
Milk thistle
spirulina (NOW brand)
AlphaSorb-C 1000
Threelac (2-3 a day)
and sometimes some OregaMax (100% raw oregano) (I take this sometimes depending on my symptoms and how good I feel)
Also I take Kyolic, a garlic supplement with other Candida cleanse herbs

When my sausage runs out, I’m planning on going without it for a few weeks and sticking to eggs. I want to do a two week cleanse with mostly veggies, eggs and if I can, some plain yogurt with Stevia. But I don’t know if that’s allowed on the cleanse.
I will also be starting Candex soon. It has great reviews and a friend is mailing me some to try.
I have to stick with the Threelac as my probiotic until I use it up and can afford to buy the other variety mentioned here.

As for pinworms? I don’t have them. My itch isn’t just at night. Plus, I get small smooth bumps around my bottom that will itch terribly until I scratch, then they form a welt which oozes clear liquid for a few hours. That turns into a scab of sorts which will get thick and take several days to crust and peel. Once it’s peeled off down to a thinner skin layer again, it starts all over again. That is on the cheek area closer to the actual rectum. The rectum itches as well, but doesn’t scab over like that. It’s almost like Eczema. It acts like athletes foot and the itch is identical, so it seems like yeast to me. The one thing that works is ice packs but I can’t exactly go around with ice on my butt all day. On any given day, I have about 12 square inches of rash and scab down there, sometimes more.
I’m considering a parasite cleanse though, I’m pretty sure there some critters in there.

How do I get adequate amounts of protein daily if I’m not eating meat for two weeks? Eggs are good but only provide a few calories and a bit of protein. With only 6 grams of protein each, I’d have to eat 8 eggs a day or something like that.
I really hope I can eat plain yogurt during the cleanse, it keeps me sane.
I’ve never like avocados, I hate celery, eggplant, and artichokes.

So that’s about it…other than the water I drink is filtered and left out all night to get rid of the chlorine.

Im going to have to agree with some other posters that your diet could use some revision.

1. Sausage-Unless you are eating some organic turkey sausage, this is a big no-no on the diet. I know they pump the meat full of preservatives and nitrates.

2. 1/2 and 1/2-Again, since this is mostly heavy cream and milk I would completely get rid of this. Candida seems to thrive off of milk products and most cows milk is forbidden on the diet.

3.Lemon Water-Be careful you’re not drinking too much as lemons contain small amounts of sugar.

4. Peanuts-These should be eliminated completely as they contain alot of mold.

5.Ranch Dressing-Im not sure what ingredients are in this but if its anything like commercial ranch dressing it is a big no-no.

I would also be careful with the plain yogurt. I have had reactions and cannot even tolerate yoguart due to leaky gut. I also wonder why you are taking a B-complex vitamin. I have read articles stating that b-vitamins can actually strengthen candida cell walls.

Just hang in there, you just have to have faith that it will get better. Believe me the diet does work but its the combination of diet/antifungals/probiotics that will finally help you start feeling better.

One more thing, are you taking anything for the die off? If you are not eliminating well while on the program you will feel worse, as your body is releasing alot of toxic waste from tne candida into your blood. I found colonics and saunas to help me get through the die-off symptoms.