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Quote: I can’t find anything documenting that a man can get this type of infection through sexual transmission.

If you believe it’s possible, go ahead and say it, no one here is going to argue with you. For one, I believe it’s more than just possible.
If you have oral thrush (Candida of the mouth) and kiss someone, you can’t actually give them Candida. However, some of the fungi could be transferred from one mouth to another when kissing. And everyone, even individuals without a Candida infestation, has a certain amount of Candida yeast in their body and mouth, so if the level of yeast in the person’s system and mouth is higher than what is considered ‘normal’ then it’s logical that the increase in fungi could make all the difference that is needed to develop a Candida overgrowth. It’s also logical that the same can be true for intercourse.

It’s a lot to take in, but if you take the following instructions one day at a time, and not try to remember everything at once, you can do it. This will get you on the right path to a cure.