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Ruffian;40984 wrote: Interesting. What is the amount you are taking?

I took S. Boulardii for a week and felt pretty miserable. It also made my stool yellow. Maybe die-off.

Yes I started with S Boulardii on the weekend & have felt the first bit of die off for a few months.

It was possible having a leaky gut reaction to hemp just before I started (that may not have helped), as I was using the protein powder quite a lot daily & was effecting my digestion (hot/burning feeling in the stomach & loose dark stool).

But since I started with the SB I noticed a bit more fatigue & brain fog/vision drag. I started taking 2 x 5bill caps per day so have backed down to one.

dvjorge, in your opinion would it matter if I completed the SB caps & then swapped too bakers yeast, or would you advise using SB for a bit longer?