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I too am toughing it out without molybdenum and having some severe die-off just from the diet (I didn’t even crack open the jar with coconut oil as I can’t get to that point).

Not sure how much of vitamin C you are taking, but I was advised to up it (was taking only 2000mg per day) you can go up to 5000mg in doses spread out throughout the day (make sure it’s more than an hour apart). I got hit with horrible stomach pains and it seems that I got too much acid so I had to cut down on C and lemon. That was tough for the die-off.

Drinking a lot of water (well then you will be running to the bathroom also) helps a lot of times. It will let go, you just have to get to that point.

If you can’t get to sauna or bath, try at least a hot shower. This might help. I also tried to sweat it out at night by leaving heat on and dropping lots of covers on, like what you would do to get the fever down. I was a little better in the morning next day.

I drew back from the strict diet a little. I did not give up on it, I just ate like a half of cereal bowl of brown rice per day (read on few other web sites that it could help with die-off) and it seems that it did help. Read somewhere else that brown rice helps detox the liver so maybe that’s the trick. Have no idea, I was so sick I would eat a devil to get better hahahaha. I chose brown rice as least of the evils 🙂

Now I plan to go back to the diet and see what happens next.

My first die-off kicked in when I started web-site’s diet. Second one when I transitioned to the forum’s protocol. I am really hoping that this was it for now, sigh!

Good luck to you and hope you get rid of the die-off soon.