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I thought the same thing for a while. SF722 and coconut oil started to hurt my kidneys more and more, until 1 tablespoon of CO and the next morning my kidneys would hurt when breathing in. I started on Cornsilk about a week ago, and upped my nettle leaf tea to at least one cup/day. And also occasionally some licorice root tea, and today parsley leaf tea – all of these ingredients are diuretics and are supposed to help rid the kidneys of built-up toxins. The first few days I could really feel it working, with slight pain during the day at times while supplementing. The first day I thought I might get my first kidney stone, but it never happened. Now, I barely feel anything in there. Maybe a slight bit first thing in the AM when I breathe in. Granted, I have not taken any SF722, but have been hitting the rutabaga hard and also my Nystatin, which never gave me kidney pain. So we’ll see soon when I reintroduce (but didn’t want to wait that long to post). Cornsilk is slightly antifungal so it may help your kidneys. If you do this, make sure to drink 10 glasses of water/day at least. I’m not a doctor so please do your research as taking diuretics can be dangerous I’ve read. You can buy cornsilk at vitaminshoppe.