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I am on my first week of the cleanse, but I am adding in some organic protein, because I just can’t live without it. It’s too rough for me to handle. I am probably going to work my way towards a few days of veggies only, before I go to the stage 2 of the diet. I guess I am working my way towards that, weaning myself off of protein a little at a time. I had to do that with the coffee, too.

What diet are you following, the one on the website?

You could try adding either organic eggs or organic ground hemp seed for protein.
Anything is a better choice than meat.

Even still, I am so so tired, and I feel like I can barely get up and down out of my chair. All of my body parts feel like lead weights. I sleep 9 hours or more and I don’t have a physical job, as I am an at home mom. But, this lethargy is killing me!

The lethargy isn’t all coming from the lack of protein. It’s a combined cause from three different sources; lack of protein, lack of carbohydrates, and the dying Candida from the detox are causing toxins to be released in your body which also causes lethargy. Are you taking anything to lessen the die-off effect?

Is this normal?

More than normal to be honest, it’s expected.

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