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Javizy wrote: I’ve been wondering:

1) How do you know that the biofilms and other substances being expelled are yeast? What if they’re also beneficial bacteria?

2) How much do enemas disrupt the activity of beneficial bacteria and interfere with immunity?

Couldn’t doing them regularly be a bit risky or at least detrimental to the overall treatment? Shouldn’t they be reserved for emergencies or used sparingly every so often?

I can not tell you what I am expelling. The key with the enemas is to listen to your body. What I have been expelling is what have me sick. The improve and the change to feel better is huge.
It is something that gives benefits (at least in my person) because I can notice the change to better.
Technically, if they are disrupting the activity of the friendly flora or not, I don’t know. Something good they are doing when you feel better immediately.

I think this procedure is a temporary event that should be resumed one time you decide they aren’t helping anymore.