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meerkat218;58103 wrote: Thank you so much guys!
Could you please tell me why food with mold and yeast should be avoided though?
I am really sick and tired of the diet I’ve been sticking to and adding a few new things would help a lot I guess.

Hopefully I can explain this.

Basically, Candida changes from a yeast-based organism to a fungus. The body then attacks these fungi because they are invaders and become pathogenic, producing toxins and making you sick.

Other types of fungi in nature (mushrooms, mold…) appear to have similar characteristics as Candida, so the body ‘flags’ them as invaders. When you eat foods (or are exposed to fungi, like black mold in the environment), the body is weakened as the immune system tries to defeat the threat to your health. You are exposed to the fungus and the toxins they produce. This can weaken you via your organs that contribute to your immunity, and if your defences are down fighting foreign organisms, it can allow Candida to grow further. Think of it as catching a cold/flu. It will make you feel worse.

In fact this is why I feel worse when I’m around people who are sick.

The reason normal people don’t experience this much is because their Candida is in check, and not invasive. The body has no reason to flag the small amount of fungus that can be consumed (by various means) as a threat.

Hopefully with time, our bodies will heal and this won’t be such a problem.