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I think that absolutely physical toxicity – candida, parasitic, bacterial and viral die-off, mineral imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, inflammation etc. – can cause depression. These things need to be addressed, and using an effective protocol can tremendously assist you in addressing these problems.

However, I am sceptical of claims that these are the only issues at work when it comes to mental – and indeed physical – health. The human being is the sum of extremely complex systems which are deeply interwoven and essentially inseparable. I believe the physical and emotional environment are as important as biochemical processes. Indeed, stress and negative emotions are a major cause of our inability to detox and heal at a biochemical level. So, as part of a thorough healing protocol, I think it essential to address our issues at an emotional and psychological level, in addition to looking only at what you eat or what supplements you take. I think holistic approaches are essential and looking at only what you put in your body is too narrow-minded.

I encourage you to seek talking therapy, engage in activities you find fulfilling, and perhaps pursue a programme of mindfulness meditation (if meditation suits you). These things will absolutely help you heal physically, but importantly they will also enable you to cleanse your spirit and heal emotional damage.

Let me know if you’d like me to provide you with any resources, particularly those related to mindfulness meditation.