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dvjorge;16034 wrote:
It is well known by medicine that mannan release by candida albicans affect our immune response.

This is off-topic, but I’ve had some candida tests done and one of them showed me there is no mannan in my blood (an ELISA test was done) which I find weird since as far as I understand I’m supposed to have it if I have a CRC. Could it be false negative? Or is it normal to have no mannan showing up for a person with candida?

Has anyone else on this forum tried looking for mannan in the blood?

The other tests showed me IgM 61.2 U/ml (the normal range is written there as 0-80 U/ml) and IgG 304 U/ml (normal range: 0-100 U/ml). That and all the symptoms (white tongue, sugar cravings among others (pointing these ones out as the other ones could show a problem that is not a CRC, but I can’t imagine another disease causing these 2 symptoms)) clearly show I have candida. I’m thinking maybe I should try getting the test done again. I’m not sure.