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Linda Rebber
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I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and I’m thinking you are right, that it was caused by Candida. To test of for hashimoto’s you need to have an antibody test. I have suffered with it for 10 years. I have gone to many doctors who only treat with medication. They try to get me to take anti depressants, but I’m not depressed. Western medicine is only good if you need surgery or have a minor non chronic condition. They have made me feel like I was bothering them as well. I have found more useful information online than I have paid for at the doctors.

I think you are talking about Raynauds disease which I think is aggravated by smoking. As far as thyroid, if you are hypothryroid your temperature would be low. Mine was for years. Now my temperature is up and down, like I have a broken thermostat. I think I have a bad case of Candida. I have only known about the candida for about a year and have suffered such bad die off that I have been unable to stick with the diet. This forum is the best plan I’ve seen. I really have hope in getting better.