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raster wrote: I was worried I also had the same problem but I recently got tested and everything looks OK. I would get tested if you are concerned, but I think that the body being taxed while dealing with the diet can cause it to behave in strange/unsusual ways.


Well, for now I stopped Candida Clear Vcaps in case it’s some kind of reaction to that. It started right about when I upped it to full recommended dose. I also got back to drinking nettle leaf tea three times daily as I can finally tolerate it again. This should show if it was due to my blood being thinner than it should. Had some weird bruises that show up from nowhere and this is usually indication that my blood is thin (had it in the past). I reduced vitamin C a little bit since this could cause it.

I will start measuring my temp every morning and see if that tells me anything. Just not sure how to approach it with my doc. “Hmmmm, I have low grade temp, I think I have a thyroid problem.” They don’t really like when you seem to set yourself as knowing more than them. I had a doc back in US who would always shove some pills at me as soon as I start talking and I would argue with him because I don’t want to take three different sets of pills for a single problem without any diagnosis and neither of us will ever know what was wrong with me and which one of the three meds he gave me helped and which two harmed my body for nothing. In time he would just roll his eyes when he sees me and say “So tell me, what do you want today?” when I come in, I would tell him what I would like to get tested and so on. He was not treating me, he was just mainly access to tests I could not get by myself. So who is an MD here??? But I guess doing what I am doing now is kind of being my own doctor, isn’t it?

Thanks raster for your response. If I continue to feel this and have low temp I will go and see if doc rolls her eyes at me 🙂