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I would love to know where you get your information from.

First you say it causes cancer…then you say it breaks down into water and oxygen…then you say it is in YOUR drinking water and safe for livestock etc…

So for everyone here wanting to add it to their drinking water you are telling them what? It is safe? or cancer causing? Because i can not wrap my head around the idea of water and oxygen breaking down to cause cancer. Two life sustaining substances…You are making something very simple and beneficial into a very very complicated, ignorant mess.

…and you think this is all in my head?…and in the imaginations of people who have cured themselves of may illnesses with the use of hydrogen peroxide? I am seen it first hand cure arthritis after this man was told by doctors that he would be in a wheelchair in five years due to severe incurable, untreatable spinal arthritis. This man, who tried EVERYTHING the doctors knew about including alternative medicines in his most desperate times, to this day does not have any joint pain ANYWHERE. To me this is the kind of proof and results that prove to me that oxygen and water don’t make people sick…it is much the opposite.

It is all around us…all the time…and without it we would not survive…so adding a little extra to your system doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me…it has been used for over a hundred years…cost is nearly 0$…government and drug companies don’t like that number. However I want to improve my health, not the money in govt pockets.

I envie that your country is smart enough to add it to the water supply. funny that is exactly the topic this post started out with.

take care

: )