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Well I guess there always has to be someone to rip the hope out of peoples lives. : /

Oxygen is NOT cancer causing…really? : / We really are doomed lol

In my personal experiences in life I know and have know people who ingest hydrogen peroxide in SAFE dilutions and have for many many years…guess what? Their cells did not all die and they are the healthiest people I know. They never catch a cold or flu and definitely don’t know anything about what it feels like to be as sick as the people on this site.

I also know a lot of people who use it for producing live stock (yes cows and pigs). It is added to the water lines to put back what PEOPLE took out of the natural water supply…These animals dont need antibiotics anymore because they are naturally healthy and YOU should be thankful because it is YOU that eats this meat. (hmmm oxygen or antibiotics? which would i prefer in my body?)

I also know people who use it in their hot tubs and swimming pools in place of chlorine. WHY? because chlorine makes people sick….H202 makes people thrive.

Please do some better research before posting ignorance.

It IS oxygen…NOT a carcinogen. This site continues to amaze me.

take care people…

: )